Post-Conference Workshop Day

Preclinical Stream

8:30 am Workshop A: Design, Selection and Application of Preclinical AMD Models for Drug Discovery and Development

  • Malia Edwards Assistant Professor, Wilmer Eye Institute, John Hopkins


  • Understanding and selecting the key clinical features reproduced in animal models
  • Applying AMD animal models to target discovery and therapeutics evaluation. Strengths and limitations of oxidative, complement and inflammation-based models.
  • Panel discussion – pragmatic approach to AMD preclinical studies: discussion with experts on idealism vs feasibility, predictiveness and translatability of current models, alternatives to animal-based studies

12:00 pm Workshop C: Investigating Ocular Inflammation Associated with Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration


  • Understanding common ocular inflammation on IND-enabling preclinical studies for dry AMD therapeutics
  • Anti-inflammatory regimens for providing safer treatments
  • How can we mitigate the discomfort included with frequent administration of dry AMD therapeutics

Clinical Stream

8:30 am Workshop A: Utilizing Next Gen Imaging Biomarkers to Determine Biomarkers Appropriate for Clinical Trials

  • Cynthia Owsley Director of Clinical Research Unit & Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Christine Curcio Director of the AMD Histopathology Lab, University of Alabama at Birmingham


  • Structural and functional rationales for selecting endpoints/outcomes in trials
  • Imaging biomarkers in atrophy – if we move the goalposts, we might score big
  • Imaging biomarkers at the transition from aging to AMD

12:00 pm Workshop D: Creating an Effective Patient Enrolment & Outreach Programs to Better Conduct Clinical Trials

  • Cathy Yelf Chief Executive Officer, Macular Society


  • Providing appropriate information regarding the treatment regimen
  • Building relationships with patient advocacy groups
  • Managing patient expectations