Partnership Opportunities

The field has witnessed record-breaking investments and acquisitions, affirming its growth potential. The recent landmark approval back in February serves as a testament to the advancements made in this area. So, what's next?

Companies focused on the development of dry AMD therapeutics are looking to partner with organizations that have a robust understanding of retinal biology. There is a specific interest in connecting with: preclinical CROs, clinical CROs, diagnostic and imaging companies. Partner with the 4th Annual Dry AMD Therapeutic Development Summit to influence this rapidly progressing landscape.

We’ll support you in creating bespoke partnerships to accelerate your business goals. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you and your commercial goals within the dry AMD space.

Experts Need Your Help With:

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Ocular Imaging - As the field continues its search for more effective endpoints in clinical trials, there is an increasing need for structural and functional endpoints. Seize this opportunity to demonstrate your technologies that can fulfil this unmet requirement.

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Preclinical CRO's - Replicating the human eye and simulating the progression of dry AMD present significant challenges in preclinical studies. Take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and help the industry overcome this prominent hurdle.

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Clinical CRO’s - Patient retention and complications related to treatment delivery present major obstacles in this industry, particularly due to the frequent and invasive procedures required for dry AMD. Highlight the exceptional quality of your clinical trial management to expedite the progress of these drugs through the critical stages of drug trials.

Why Partner?

  • Thought Leadership – Present on the main agenda with IVERIC Bio, Janssen, and Novartis to demonstrate your expertize and position yourself as the market leader.
  • Lead Generation – Secure unmissable face time with key decision makers through our dedicated speed networking and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings with key decision makers.
  • Elevate Brand Awareness – Increase market share through advertising during pre-conference and main conference days.
  • Showcase your work – Get in front of key decision makers including CSO’s, Directors of preclinical and clinical development, translational research and more – give potential customers hands-on insight into your resources in the exhibition room.

Who You Will Meet:

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