stuart therapeutics

Stuart Therapeutics

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Stuart Therapeutics, established in 2017 is developing PolyCol, a unique therapeutic platform that is a direct tissue reparative for collagen membranes and structures in the eye. This unique method of action results in accelerated healing and recovery in various ophthalmic disease states, and offers a new way to address indications such as dry eye disease, dry age related macular degeneration and glaucoma.



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IDDI is an expert clinical data services and high-level strategic consulting contract research organization providing agile clinical trial services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device/diagnostic companies. Founded in 1991 by Marc Buyse ScD, IDDI is a global privately-held company with offices in Belgium and Raleigh (NC) USA.


  • Innovative clinical STUDY DESIGN
  • End-to-end comprehensive DATA MANAGEMENT services
  • Advanced BIOSTATISTICS services
  • REGULATORY Consultancy
  • OPHTHALMOLOGY experts.

EXPERIENCE: 145+ ophthalmic trials - IDDI supported Macugen® approval.