Baruch Kuppermann

Baruch Kuppermann

Company: UC Irvine

Job title: Director, Co-Director, Professor & Chair - Ophthalmology


Panel Discussion & Presentation: The Future Landscape of Dry-AMD Therapies 3:30 pm

Further analysis of the treatment landscape for Dry-AMD/GA – What’s on the horizon? Examine patient treatment journey with the emerging new treatment landscape Examine how clinicians/developers can support and deal with treatment burden Explore clinical trial development and the continued impact of the pandemic on on-going clinical trialsRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: With Unprecedented Phase III Progress & Expected Regulatory Feedback on Submissions, What Direction is Provided for the Dry AMD/GA Field? 4:45 pm

How can drug developers cut to the real barriers, and debate what is truly required to break through to successful treatments for dry-AMD? Discuss how slow disease progression and a less than ideal endpoint measurement method lead to clinical trials that are necessarily large, lengthy and expensive Examine how innovations in clinical trials with novel…Read more

day: Day One

Panel Discussion: Emerging Treatments for Dry AMD & GA – Therapeutic Avenues, Clinical Trials & Future Directions 10:30 am

Examine the current treatment options and emerging targeted therapies If targeted therapies show limited efficacy as single agents, can the combination of several targeted therapies be of benefit to Dry-AMD patients? How can the industry design novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of dry-AMD?Read more

day: Day One

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