Accelerating the Race for a Dry AMD Cure

2022 hosts the race between IVERIC Bio and Apellis for regulatory approval of the very first marketable dry AMD treatment. In addition to clinical advances, the field will see plenty of technology advances for more patient-compliant therapeutics, with the favourable one-dose gene therapy approach addition to pipelines, and optimized biomarker technology.

Join our 30+ expert speakers as we tackle the most critical roadblocks preventing your drugs getting the patients who need them. With companies such as Janssen, Apellis, Novartis, IVERIC, Genentech, AbbVie and more, we’ll delve into the role of genetics, subretinal drusenoid deposits, lipid peroxidation and soft drusen in the progression dry AMD; realize the future of next generation biomarkers such as OCT technologies for novel structural endpoints and pharmacodynamic biomarkers such as DKK3 to; discuss better utilization of animal models and novel patient derived iPSC models to overcome translational challenges such as poor recapitulation of the human eye and much more content.

2022 Expert Speakers

Pravin Dugel



Anneke Den Hollander

Senior Principal Scientist & Ophthalmology Lead


Federico Grossi

Chief Medical Officer

Apellis Pharmaceuticals

Tarek Hassan

Chief Development Officer

Aviceda Therapeutics

Hema Ramkumar


Chief Executive Officer

Nida Sen

Senior Director, Retina Clinical Lead


Stephen Poor

Director of Translational Biomarkers at NIBR


Kip Connor

Head of Ophthalmology Research Unit,


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Just Some of the Companies Who Attended in 2022: